September 2008

One gets a lot of firsts in life… The first breathe, perhaps followed by the first cry. The first time one opens one’s eyes, the first word one says, the first step one takes… The first friend, the first day in school, the first teacher, the first test… The first swimming class, the first English class one takes, the first kiss, the first time one has one’s heart broken… The first medal, the first period, the first time one goes out with friends, the first play… The first real party, the first “get-it-over-with”, the first boyfriend… The first science fair, the first drink, the first night out with friends, the first aknowledged crush, the first grown-up decision, the first computer program… The first of two sisters one meets, the first class one teaches, the first girlfriend, the first shag… The first day out of what one would have called home, the first roomate, the first second family, the first horrible break-up, the first car crash… The first gray hair, the first time one feels old…

Do you remember all your firsts? Do you remember most of them? Do you regret any? Would you do it all over again? The same way? I think I would do it all over again… I just wish I had a clue about somethings that I was able to figure out only this year…

Whatever… What is done, is done… Nothing I can do about it now… Or is there? Do I feel complete concerning the latest path my life has taken? I guess so… Do I feel good about what lies ahead? Not so sure… I might be in need of a sugar rush…

*as I’ve said before: the order does not matter… they are equally important*

Have you ever hugged someone that made you melt like butter? Have you ever been held by such warm arms that it made you want to cry and wash your soul with your tears? I have. I consider myself lucky for that.

I met him accidentally in one of the labs. But we only got to talk later on, like almost a year later. We first met at a time when I was emotionally unavailable for new friendships. But this boy got to me somehow. This boy I shouldn’t call a boy no more, for he’s a man now.

I admire him so much. His convictions, his guts, his big heart, his ears that listen to me every now and then, his words full of advice, his making me feel good no matter what, his singing, his playing the harmonica, his silly jokes that always make me laugh.

I wonder if he knows what he means to me. I wonder if he knows how much I miss his company and the laughing and the chatting and the drinking and the hugging…

I cried on the day he left. I’m crying as I write this *and I’ll cry every time I read it from now on, ’till the end of my life*. ‘Cause my heart aches every day when I think about this distance between us…

Please, don’t get LOST, and hurry back to see this girl full of Mexican-soap-opera-like stories to tell you…

Today I saw, on MTV Live, the beautiful redhead English Kate Nash. I don’t remember which song she was performing, but this one is pretty good *check the video for “Foundations” right below*


Have you ever read manga? Manga is a comic that you read backwards. 😛 *people may want to kill me after that comment*

So, I’ve recently learned how to read manga. *That made me sound stupid, I guess* What I mean is I couldn’t read it before ’cause I would get very nauseous and couldn’t go very further, so I would lose interest and completely stop trying. I didn’t read Sailor Moon, Furuba, Kare Kano, Love Hina… I have watched those though, some are pretty good… But I could never read the manga.

And then came Nana… teary emotional eyes Nana teary emotional eyes

Nana Poster Small



So… I had a dream two nights ago… It might have been the future… :S I woke up feeling good about everything *now that’s rare*

The feeling has passed now… But here’s the song that, even on the worst days, fills my head with thoughts and wonderful memories and my heart with love feelings… This is, actually, (more…)