November 2008



We met late in life… *meaning at the age of 20 and 19*

We had many classes together, so we would hang out a lot. I was a very closed up person during that time, but there was something about this boy. Something that made me call him by the First’s name every time. And he never minded. *at least he never told me he did*

So we went through revelations and studying and singing and cooking *and discussing things I would be flagged for inappropriate content if I were to put them here* and some more studying and talking and laughing *loving, breathing, fighting, f***ing* and crying and drinking *riding, winning, losing, cheating, kissing* and thinking and dreaming *this is the way, it’s the way that we lived, it’s they way that we liiiiiiiiived and loooooooooooooooved*.

But it wasn’t always flowers, you know? There were ups and downs and down-lows *dark times I don’t like to think of*… But then, we got out of that… And we climbed, until we were up again! And, I believe, even stronger.

Today is his birthday… so: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I wish this distance weren’t soooooo big… I miss you!

My man, my boy, my friend, my family.

Hum, se você não sabe a repseito da Prop8, aqui pode encontrar alguns links úteis.

A cantora e compositora, ganhadora de Oscar e Grammy, Melissa Etheridge teve o seguinte texto publicado, a respeito da aprovação da Prop8 na Califórnia (tradução após o texto):