Proud – Personagens Gays no Horário Nobre
(Orgulhosos – Gay characters on primetime)

About the video:

Snippets of queer couples’ scenes in Brazilian soaps *shown on Globo network, the biggest and most watched in the country*. Does not include characters Laís and Cecília from “Vale Tudo” (1988) or Sandrinho and Jefferson from “A Próxima Vítima” (1995) due to the difficulties in finding footage on them. The video was added to youtube in August, 2007, by this girl, who, I believe is also this other girl.

(Most links in Portuguese)

soap: “Torre de Babel” (1998/1999)
characters: Rafaela (Christiane Torloni) and Leila (Silvia Pfeifer)
info: the couple was not well received by the audience, so they were killed in the blowing of what was supposed to be the biggest shopping mall ever *I’ve just noticed: Rafaela had a The-L-Word-Bette thing going on…*
the scene:

Rafaela: I could have never imagined
Leila: But, why?
Rafaela: Who knows?! Does something like this have an explanation? … Yes, it does. It can only be this damn prejudice.(*)

… and the mall goes kaboom…
the interview:

Silvia Pfeifer: It was a contract I lost, and it was a sure thing…(*)

A censored scene and what it was changed into:

Leila: People complain about my ways, but you know I don’t want others taking advantage of you.

back to the interview:

Silvia Pfeifer: (…) And that was the explanation: they didn’t want to advertise [the soap] through such a controversial character

*Silvia’s character Leila was supposed to survive the accident and death of her partner, Rafaela. Later, she would fall for actress Gloria Menezes’ character and they would have a romance. As the audience did not approve of gay-yfing (?) Gloria’s character, Leila had no storyline, so the author decided to kill her in the mall explosion too.*

(five years later)

soap: “Mulheres Apaixonadas” (2003)
characters: Clara (Aline Moraes) and Rafaela (Paula Picarelli)
info: the first lesbian couple Brazilian audiences approved of. Even though they had a “shared” shower scene, people actually root for them to end up together, and they did… *With the shabbiest on-screen kiss on tv ever (and it was in a play: “Romeo & Juliet”) other than that, a ton of almost-kisses (part1 and part2, with english subs)*
the scene:

Clara: “That one” has a name and it is Rafaela and she is my girlfriend, ok, mother?

the interview:

Aline Moraes: In the begining I prepared myself for any kind of rejection (…)
Paula Picarelli: (…) especially in the begining, I was very afraid. I didn’t know how people would react.

the scene:

Rafaela: whatever love can, love dares trying

back to the interview:

Aline Moraes: (…) but it overcame all expectations

the scene:

Clara: I love you so much
Rafaela: I love you too, very much

(earning space…)

(Eliane Giardine as) Neuta, Junior‘s mother: He’s gay, so what?

And scenes from “Torre de Babel”, “Mulheres Apaixonadas” and from:

soap: “Senhora do Destino” (2004/2005)
characters: Eleonora (Mylla Christie) and Jennifer (Bárbara Borges)
info: Brazilians liked this one two. As they were *sort of* adults, they actually managed to move in together AND adopt a kid. *Mattress scene on moving day was kind of controversial: it was the only furniture they had and there was insinuation that they, you know, like, had sex – OMG doesn’t it stop at the shabby kissing? And there were scenes of the couple in bed, wearing only sheets, but there was a 20-meter distance between the two of them – it was a king size*

soap: “América” (2005)
characters: Junior (Bruno Gagliasso) and Zeca (Erom Cordeiro)
info: people didn’t mind this couple either. It was supposed to be the first male-male kiss on the network, but that was stopped from happening.

soap: “Páginas da Vida” (2006/2007)
characters: Rubinho (Fernando Eiras) and Marcelo (Thiago Picchi)
info: it was as if they didn’t exist in the whole story. They were completely off the whole soap thing… The kiss between the two was not approved by the network either.

soap: “Paraíso Tropical” (2007)
characters: Rodrigo (Carlos Casagrande) and Tiago (Sérgio Abreu)
info: I haven’t watched this one, but I’ve researched it and I have the impression that these two were like the couple on “Páginas da Vida” *off the whole thing*. Oh, and guess what? The network, once more, censored the kiss. The actors said that discretion was what made the audience like the couple, so there was no need for an on-screen kiss. On the soap official website, they actually say Rodrigo was in a gay marriage, with Tiago. Sure, ’cause that is sooooo real in Brazil

*I’ve been too political… It’s kind of getting on my nerves…*