(…) “What can I do to help?”
I shook it off. “They’re just dreams, Edward.”
“Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.” (more…)


I’ve surrendered to the Twilight thing… Hopefully finishing Eclipse this week.

Twilight Test

Twilight Test from Dumb Spot!

I’m happy about this… I like Jake ūüôā

Have you ever read manga? Manga is a comic that you read backwards. ūüėõ *people may want to kill me after that comment*

So, I’ve recently learned how to read manga. *That made me sound stupid, I guess* What I mean is I couldn’t read it before ’cause I would get very nauseous and couldn’t go very further, so I would lose interest and completely stop trying. I didn’t read Sailor Moon, Furuba, Kare Kano, Love Hina… I have watched those though, some are pretty good… But I could never read the manga.

And then came Nana… teary emotional eyes Nana teary emotional eyes

Nana Poster Small