As vezes eu penso que tenho algum problema… Um parafuso a menos ou a mais ou sei lá… Eu penso que sou uma pessoa de hábitos estranhos, regados por uma dose média de TOC… Pergunto-me o quanto são normais, ou melhor, aceitáveis as minhas pequenas obsessões…

Por exemplo: eu tenho obsessão com bocas…


Hey… So this is just a “say hi” post… How do you like my theme? I’m not sure yet… I wish I could change the red links, cause they annoy me…

A little bit more about me:

When I was a 6 or 7, I joined a swimming training at the club. And I kept going there 4 days a week to swim for like 3 hours (that’s really rough for a kid) until I was 9 and decided to leave, ’cause I wanted to take acting classes in school (but that’s a whole other post)

Anyway, I had just joined the swimming team and I had no uniform. So I’d wear the same bathing suit I had worn on my swimming classes. It was green, Thai lime green… And I was chubby… So, people started calling me “Limão” which is lime in Portuguese. At competitions, during training: “Limão, limão, limão”… That was me… Of course I didn’t like it, but you know what happens when you hate a nickname: everybody makes sure to call you by it.

A grew out of it. And after I left the team, nobody would call me “Limão” again. But those times sure have made an impact. I’m bitter… 😛 hahahahaha just kidding.. I did go through a bitter phase, but that’s not the point.

A while ago, a friend told me I had acid sense of humor. I’m sarcastic and ironic, and I just won’t let a good joke go, even when it may cost a friend.

So… this is why I decided to name this blog Lemon Acid… Although we don’t really have lemons here, limes are much more popular. Well, it IS kind of a false friend: “limão” <-> “lemon”… Anyway, I think it sounds better this way and this is my f***ing blog 😛 *please do not comment on the lime picture on the header*

Ow, can I just say, I loved this:


*This is so going to be my next wallpaper*

I found it, while googling, on this website: It has a gallery with a lot of cool stuff, check it out!:)