I wanted a cool javascript animated Last.fm widget *but WordPress.com is mean to me and wants me not to share cool stuff with you…* So I got this… Dunno if it works right 😛 It’s supposed to list what I’ve heard recently… I do have excellent taste in music *modesty REALLY is a virtue* and you should try and listen some of these… 😛

prilopes's Profile Page

Uh, btw *by the way* this page is named after a song by Brazilian band CSS *Cansei de Ser Sexy (Tired of Being Sexy)* very popular in Europe, as far as I know 😛

2 Responses to “Music Is My Hot Sex”

  1. Tia minha Says:

    I have the first four songs! And they are really good 😀

    I can’t believe you like CSS!!! I’m mean… there are some songs that are really good… but the most part of them are too much for my taste xD Too wacky for me :S At least this one is a song that I like… it’s the iPod Touch song xD

  2. mistersilva74 Says:


    Gostei de ver algumas coisas aqui! Visite o meu blog, se tiver tempo. É só sobre música alternativa e pode ser que goste de alguma coisa lá também.

    fique bem!

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